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Keep all your teams cyber safe by not using e-learning.

(wait, what?)

These days, a computer can be more dangerous in the hands of people than heavy machinery. With cybercrime and remote working challenges,  your workforce must now learn to stay cyber safe in any situation. 

Why throw old solutions at a new problem? Why spend limited budget on ‘training’ that doesn’t achieve outcomes? Maybe it’s time to think about moving past “e-learning modules” and tick-box exercises. Beyond one size fits no-one training. 

We create cyber secure humans by engaging your employees, making it personal, building it into your culture. Our platform, services and approach are different because we want different results. We founded this company to deliver impactful learning around cyber security in a way employees will love. It might not be for everyone, but we hope it is for you. Welcome. 


Cyber Awareness Learning Programs

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Innovative Approach

Our continual program of micro learning starts with human hearts, minds, and values.  Our unique house blend of pragmatic approaches and engaging content takes the best of psychology, adult learning, and skills development techniques married up with creative, pop-culture, and relevant digital styles. Companies today need a skilled, empowered, digitally-savvy, and security-minded workforce. E-learning won’t get you there. 

Best Cyber Awareness Training
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Modern Learning Platform

Our cloud based platform delivers the learning program for a seamless and streamlined delivery of a continuously updated learning experience. Scalable and secure, integratable to your modern organisation’s system needs. Your teams can learn anytime anywhere, building skills and earning gamification points. With the data to prove it. 

Personal Learning Journey

Let’s be honest. People don’t change habits, or their minds, becuase a narrated slide deck explained what a botnet is. We’re in an incredible time of technology advancement and digital transformation, leading to major changes in business models, roles and responsibilities, shifting skills and systems. The golden opportunity is in helping your people adapt to this new cadence of change, to create the mindsets and understanding needed to re-skill, top-up, and reframe as needed. For this, a deeper change is required, and we tap into those roots to bring people on a journey, of thier choosing, in thier own way. 

Cyber Awareness Learning Path

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