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A Plug-And-Play Program of Pure Cyber Awesomeness

Say goodbye to the days of stale, boring content & e-learning!

All of the cyber threats, data security, and critical digital skills bases are covered.

And the best part? We make it easy to track your team's progress and achievements.

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We make it easy for employees to enjoy & really, really easy for small businesses to deliver. 

A solution for small to midsize organizations who want a pre-set learning path to achieve cyber awareness & a cyber-safe culture. Best practice meets practical delivery, with a tone that's perfect for small businesses- our personal and family learning extras feel more like a perk than a chore. Your employees will thank you for it. 

Courses & available content topics include:

- Cybercrime Awareness
- PasswordS & Authentication 
- Phishing Detection
- Malware & Ransomware
- Social Engineering
- Personal Online Safety Techniques
- Mobile Device Security
- Family Cyber Safety
- Remote/Home Working
- Data & Information Guides
- Regulatory Compliance



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Championing Awareness

Winning over hearts and minds is what we are all about. And our formula of short, personal courses and tons of extras really works- especially in busy, agile small businesses. The snappy content with songs, stories, and our characters helps every employee find a reason to care. And that's where change and buy-in start. 

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Worried You won't have the time to manage, report and deliver team progress?

We've been there. So we automated the learning experience and streamlined reporting. With the Standard CLX, the same types of measures and insights you would find in major enterprise security awareness programs, are made turnkey for simple, effective program metrics. Ta da! 




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We're rooting for the little guy

From 5 to 5,000 employees, any team needs to understand the importance of Cyber Security.


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For midsize companies to global entities, our platform can expand, scale, integrate, and deliver modern cyber awareness learning to multiple audiences, functions, roles, and groups of learners as needed.


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