TH3RE’$ A m3Th0d 2 OuR MaDn355!


Research has shown that the human factor is currently a critical point of failure in securing the organisation. Your staff’s behaviours, habits, risk preferences, and awareness of digital cyber skills represent a key weakness in our global fight against cybercrime.

Cybermaniacs creates a culture of security and information protection to help shield your company from business disruption, financial damage, and reputational loss that are the result of breaches, theft, and cybercrime today.

Think we’re just funny?

Here’s what we are serious about.

We’re serious about Humans.

We research and engage to determine two key factors: What is the current state of your human’s brains at work, and what conditions and states are the hackers exploiting in our human firewall.

We may look fuzzy on the outside, but our team of researchers and advisors have the experience and bona fides that ensure our content and frameworks represent the best response to the current threat landscape. This goes way beyond phishing.

We’re Serious about Engaging Content.

Our Creative Team looks for the best way to show, illustrate, explain, engage, develop curiosity, use novelty, humour, and other influence strategies with each cyber topic. Videos, graphics, games, media, and more. The rich diversity of content on the platform is based on 4 key areas — Learn, Engage, Play & Explore.

We’re serious about stories.

We use our fuzzy bunch of characters (based on common archetypes) to illustrate and demonstrate good and bad cyber behaviours.

We’re seriously not training.

‘Training’ is often for short term knowledge objectives. Sometimes it’s rather dull. Our content and learning strategies are rooted in neuroscience and psychology, organisational change research, organisational culture studies. To engage, entertain, and break through the noise. To get your people to change they need to want to change. And that’s no laughing matter.

Engage. Explore. Play. Learn.

Our learning solution is designed for your employees and how they interact with technology today. Adult learners want to engage with content and learning objectives, and need entertaining and no-boring content to get thier attenion and focus. Your staff prefer to explore topics in an autonomous way, not have it assigned or forced. And they don’t mind having a play, as long as the content has great visuals and no cheese. Measure how they learn, showing progress and achievement as cyber security awareness grows and culture changes.

We think this is a winning combination for today’s email-overloaded, rushed, stressed, personal-life juggling work-a-day world. If they can learn & have a laugh? What’s better than that?