Remote Working

Since When did working in an office seem old fashioned?

What used to be called ‘teleworking’ or ‘telecommuting’ has morphed, grown, expanded, and been widely adopted with the advances in cloud technology and collaboration tools in the past 10 years. But not all ‘remote work’ is the same. Remote work now encompasses many spaces and places that need to be considered carefully for information security within your organizational context, as these places and spaces ‘where we work’ now… is pretty much everywhere and anywhere.

Being able to work anywhere and anytime provides great flexibility for work/life balance in employees, allows companies to reach beyond geographical boundries to source the best talent at the best prices for thier needs. But it also comes with significant challenges and increased complexity when rolling out security programs. 



Challenges in Securing Remote Workers Everywhere They Are

Here are the challenges


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The global pandemic has forced many companies to shift to remote working before they were ready to do so. Two top of mind concerns still are present: productivity and security. 

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We continually develop new and contextual learning content. That’s what we do! If you’d like to see our latest range of content that covers the specific and uniqu challenges companies are having with securing remote (and newly remote) workers during the global lockdown, we’d be glad to share. 

Three Ways to engage your employees with cyber awareness learning CM Style.

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1. Don’t have a provider in place and need a full solution, fast?

Our Cyber Learning Experience creates a journey of personal change for all employees, and covers both the fundamentals that enable safe remote working and the critically contextual considerations most other training providers lack. 

2. Have training in place, but missing the remote working elements? 

How do you like to find out new things? If you were going to learn about cooking or woodworking, for example? Maybe you would take a quick course or watch a few instructional videos, then maybe you’d browse around a bit, read a blog or two, check out some interviews or podcasts? As the workforce becomes more digtitally savvy as content consumers, so we mimic the consumer and digitally creative style. With structured learning to support audit and governance requirements, and autonomous learning that creates a self-led authentic journey of behavioural change- our unique blend of approaches, content, style, and substance is a new way to approach learning in work, at work, for work. 

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