How to Build Cyber Awareness

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It’s a well established fact that the organisational culture in the legal industry has always been on the more ‘risk averse’ side of the fence. So why do the stats and figures around cyber security in the legal industry look like someone’s heading down to the racetrack to bet it all on a horse named sunshine? 

Small and midsized companies providing any type of legal service are in a double whammy situation. Your odds of getting breached, hacked, conned, scammed, or otherwise pwned are less than 1 in 2. Over 60% of law firms reported suffering an information breach last year, and over 53% of small businesses reported having a cyber incident in the past 12 months.

How do most breaches happen to law firms? Is legal falling behind other industries in terms of cyber security and data protection? How can you as a small or even mid sized organisation start to protect your assets, clients, and employees from cyber threats?

n this whitepaper we dig into the challenges faced with small to midsized legal firms, and discuss the specific and important things all law organisations should do to keep their employees cyber safe. (Here’s a hint: it’s more than just technology!) In this free whitepaper, learn how to follow best practice advice to create a safety aware culture.

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