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Real Estate as an industry faces cyber risks at every turn. Juicy targets for cyber criminals abound (from holding tons of personal data, to performing many major transactions as a regular business occurrence) and from a technology and people perspective, most in the industry have fallen behind. When we add in the growth of emerging technologies and the digital economy- real estate companies must evolve to compete. At the same time, they need to up their game in cyber and security overall if they want to stay competitive.

Small and midsized companies in real estate are facing a whole new world. Breaches are up, transaction fraud is up, the price for personal information stolen is up. Malicious actors know that small real estate organisations often do not have the technology, process, or trained staff in place to protect themselves from attack. The odds of getting breached, hacked, conned, scammed, or otherwise owned are less than 1 in 2.

Adding to the pile, the insider threat from real estate is high due to unintentional accidents, reflecting many years of putting digital skills and cyber awareness on the back burner. How do most breaches happen to real estate organisations? Why have management companies, agents, mortgage brokers, construction firms, real estate investment trusts, commercial and residential brokers alike fallen behind other industries in terms of cyber security and data protection? How can you as a small or mid sized organisation start to protect your assets, clients, and employees from cyber threats? 

In this whitepaper we dig into the challenges faced with small to midsized companies in the real estate industry, and discuss the specific and important things all organisations in this space should do to keep their employees and customers cyber safe. (Here's a hint: it's more than just technology!)  In this free whitepaper, learn how to follow best practice advice to add another critical layer to your culture: that of cyber safety awareness.

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