Partner Program

Partner with the world's most innovative human cyber resilience company


So disruptive, we don't even call it cyber awareness. Unless we really have to. 

Our mission is to create millions of happy, cyber-secure humans. We want to help all companies of all sizes embrace a secure digital future.

Do you think your customers need better cyber engagement with employees? Then our dedicated team wants to partner with you.

100% Collaboration

No Fuzzy Business

Just like we are 'people-centric' we are also 'partner-centric'. Here's what that means...

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Partnership League

Our strategic level of partnership is for MSSPs, ITSPs, VCISOs, and other organizations looking for a trusted, long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. We want to make your customers happy & secure, through our delivery program that's 100% easy to onboard, manage, and grow your accounts.

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Reseller Society

Our light touch reseller program allows you to refer customers and grab rewards. Use our portal to register deals, we'll make sure they are in good hands. 

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Partnership Ethos

We understand, learn and adapt to how your customers buy. From there, we create a program that supports your goal - happy, secure, loyal customers. 

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Sure, we're fuzzy on the outside, but we're 100% driven to make a difference. Our partners feel that in everything we do, as we consistently build predictable and scalable revenue streams with you.

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Equal Ownership

Relationships and trust matter. We are looking to work with partners who want to work as equal partners towards success. 

Partnership Benefits 

Sales & Marketing Support

You’ll never walk alone. Kit and tools, regular training and updates, samples, and swag for prospects. Our team proactively supports your team. 

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Team Discounts

It would be silly to secure your customers and not secure yourself, right? No worries, we make it easy. Train your team on our platform at a significantly reduced rate. 

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Co-Branding Opportunities

From social media to webinars- our brand gets eyeballs, wins hearts, and challenges conventional thinking. Our partners and resellers can leverage this strength through many co-branding opportunities.

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Hold On Just A minute...

You might be sold already. But maybe you, like us, want something more than the status quo: 

  • How do your current partners set you up for success?
  • Do you feel they take time to understand you, your business, and your customers?
  • What extra problems have they uncovered to strengthen your customer base? 
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The Rick Astley Form


The Best Handshake You'll Ever Receive

Our partnership guarantees better human-security focused knowledge in cyber security for you and your employees. Virtual fist bumps included!


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