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Partner with the world’s most innovative cyber security awareness company. 

Our platform and approach to cyber security awareness and digital safety will differentiate you with customers, and deliver real value because we get to the heart of the matter. Only Cybermaniacs can get to the human outcomes needed (and metrics to prove it!) in changing security hygine and habits for companies of all sizes.

As an MSP, IT Service Provider, Security as a Service Provider, Consultant, VCISO, or other in the industry- it’s no suprise to you that the cyber security awareness training market is still going strong. Demand for employee education to reduce cyber risk is coming from large enterprises as well as the small and midsize market.

As the new kid on the block we are actively growing our business with partners in mind. Whether you have an awareness solution partner in place at present (that isn’t giving you the love you need) or are thinking of extending your portfolio of services to offer awareness training, Cybermaniacs can serve as a valuable addition to your brand and bottom line. 

Sales and Marketing Support 

You’ll never walk alone. Kit and tools, regular training and updates, samples and swag for prospects. Our team proactively supports your team. 

Team Discounts

It would be silly to secure your customers and not secure yourself, right? No worries, we make it easy. Train your team on our platform at a significantly reduced rate. 

Co-Branding Opportunities

From social media to webinars- our brand gets eyeballs, wins hearts, and challenges conventional thinking. Our partners and resellers can leverage this strength through many co-branding opportunities.

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In Which We Go Medieval on Your Cyber Awareness

In Which We Go Medieval on Your Cyber Awareness

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Cyber Security Awareness: Role, Unicorn, or Service?

Cyber Security Awareness: Role, Unicorn, or Service?

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Differences Between Free Cyber Awareness Training vs Paid

Differences Between Free Cyber Awareness Training vs Paid

One of the great quotable movie scenes of all time is the scene in the third Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where the ancient Knight guarding the Holy Grail gives a heads up to the Nazi treasure hunter and Indiana Jones to “choose wisely”. As...