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Most organisations under 1000 employees are playing with fire. 
Phishing, Malware, credential theft and social engineering are hitting small and midsize firms like a blast furnace. At the heart of the firestorm are employees: humans doing their jobs, interacting with technology, most of the time not aware of dangers lurking behind a simple email or login form. 
Cybermaniacs provides a simple, easy, comprehensive and affordable way to help humans change digital behaviours. Our cyber awreness learning platform and range of services is a fresh and engaging approach that delivers real outcomes to businesses struggling to keep up with rapid digital change and expanding cyber threats.
We focus on Small to Midsize organisations (aka you and your clients), covering the specific needs, challenges, gaps, and threats of underdogs everywhere.
Cybermaniacs is the world’s most innovative platform for Cyber Security Awareness Training. 
The awareness training market is going strong, and demand for employee education to reduce cyber risk is now coming from the small and midsize market. We are the new kid on the block and are actively growing our business with channel partners in mind. Whether you have an awareness solution partner in place (that isn’t giving you the love you need) or are new to offering awareness training, Cybermaniacs can serve as a valuable addition to your portfolio of services.

With micro courses, tons of high quality video, we provide fun and engaging training that actually helps users take the steps needed to secure themselves and the companies they work for. We believe humans are not the weakest link in security if they are empowered, valued, and given tools to succeed.

We help our partners deliver value, understand customers better, and make a bit of coin.

(No, not bitcoin.)

With our partners and resellers programs, Cybermaniacs works with you to bring about real change. As a team, we’ve worked in and with services businesses for more than 100 years combined (wait, what? Now we feel old), we know that the quality of relationships you have with your customers truly matters. We understand the angles, USP’s, and metrics needed by MSP’s, Service Providers, Consultants, Distributors to drive growth.

Our above and beyond approach ranges from delivering our training as a pass-through reseller opportunity to serious value-add parterships. From co-branded LMS portals to custom videos, we’ve created compelling content that showcases our partners’ brand and message alongside our own. Cybermaniacs partnerships expand the dynamic of what’s possible.

4 Ways

Cybermaniacs Makes Partnership Awesome

1. Brand Reputation
Keep your brand reputation high by bringing a new and innovative solution to the table. Who wants to hear yesterday’s news in cyber security? We have an active social media presence, a legion of raving fans, and a style and tone that makes our brand stand out. Plus, you know, the puppets. 
2. Small Business Focused Content
Our Small Business focused content is highly valuable to your client’s position in the market and the specific cyber challenges they face. We help them wrap their heads around it and get it done.
3. We ❤️ People
Our training focuses on people and personal skills in a rapidly changing digital world. Our courses and content teach employees how to keep themselves, their families, their friends and their companies safe. That’s why many of our small business clients see Cybermaniacs as an employee benefit, because we are helping the people they care about stay cyber safe too.  
4. Partner Co-Branded Portals
Our Partners Portal functionality is cool. See all your clients in one place, use it to to deliver content alongside our training (for instance, a link to your blog), configure learning paths or custom experiences. Because we measure and report on more than just the standard LMS did-you-pass-the-quiz metrics, you can also use the reporting in our Partners Portal to understand the human frontier of cyber risk across your entire client base. Create audiences and groups to target for reporting and training, commuications and more. We can assist you in proactively helping your customers to stay on top risk (and drive opportunities for additional services) through understanding their safety culture. 
Our reseller and partnership programs offer competitive margins and additional revenue streams for your business. Our offer is sure to grab attention and always drives value with fresh, quality content and training. We’re sure not be the biggest out there in terms of partners you could choose, but then again, we’re kind of betting that neither are you. Unlike larger providers who may only have one set of terms and an old fashioned asset based business model, we’re happy to be flexible, provide support, and work together to help you grow your business. Because you really matter to us. Let’s talk.

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