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Leadership Team

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CEO & Founder

Kate founded Cybermaniacs after two decades of creating innovative and dynamic people-centric solutions in Enterprise IT. Relentlessly focused on the positive, practical, and agile, Kate has worked with global organizations to roll out digital transformation, regulations, policies, mergers, culture change, and more. She speaks internationally on technology, cyber security, and leadership topics.

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Cyber Culture Evangelist

Chris has been a part of Cybermaniacs since day 1. He holds degrees and certificates in organizational anthropology, business administration, cyber security, and international commerce. Chris brings over 20 years of experience leading Enterprise IT teams and using culture-first approaches to influence change across global organizations.

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Marketing Guru

Ethan Decker Ph.D. is our Brand Guru and the founder of Brand Science. Formerly, he was the Group Strategy Director and head of the marketing sciences practice at Crispin Porter + Bogusky. He’s been a researcher, an editor, a journalist, an improv performer, a teacher, and an ecologist.

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Michael creates operational excellence with a dual focus on customer success and building critical business functions to scale. Previously with Gartner and Vanguard of TX, Michael is a member of YPO Austin, a Bucknell Alumni, and a Dad of 2 amazing kiddos.

Our Marketing & Customer Success Team


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Michael S.

Cyber Psychology R&D
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Finance & Operations
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Josh Loewen

Customer Success

Our Creative Team

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Puppetry & Film Advisor
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Danny Z.

Content Producer
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Graphic Designer
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Steve K.

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Comedy Genius

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