Ch3Ck Ou+ OuR FAQ’s


What are my payment options?

Once you’ve decided what you want to buy, you can choose from a range of payment options. Please be assured that all your details are safe with us. The default currency on this website is GBP. We display other currencies for your convenience, but the transaction will always complete in GBP. The conversion rate may be slightly different to your bank so there may be a slight discrepency between what you see and what you are actually charged.

We use the Paypal payment gateway where you can use your Paypal account account, or Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Electron online. You’ll find the ‘Checkout with PayPal’ button when you get to the final stages of the checkout process.

If you would prefer not to use your credit card over the Internet, feel free to contact us hello@thecybermaniacs.com.

We can take payment by bank transfer, by cheque or by accepting payment card details by telephone. Talk to us – we’ll always be happy to help.

Do you accept purchase orders (PO’s)?

Yes. If you are a company listed on a recognised Stock Exchange, a Local Authority, a Government department, a Non-Departmental Public Body, an NHS Trust or other healthcare organisation, or a Police Service we can automatically set up a credit account for you. Just fax or email (details below) your purchase order to us, detailing all the items you wish to order (not forgetting shipping – which we can quote for you).

Purchase orders must please set out clearly, in addition to details of the products that you wish to purchase, the name and contact details of the person responsible for payment.

Please email PO’s to hello@thecybermaniacs.com. We will turn your order around within 24 hours of receipt. All purchases are subject to our terms and conditions.


Puppets? Really?

When we first set out to create cybersecurity training end users would love to take, we knew that it had to be truly engaging, especially in this day and age to crack through the impenetrable wall of busy, complicated, often information overloaded lives of your employees. We also believe in people being their full and integrated selves at work, so this means having fun at work, and being part of a productive positive culture. (There’s tons of research on this, don’t just take our word for it!) Happy, motivated, inspired individuals make better teams, companies, and a better planet overall! We ran studies on using humans, and standard 2D animation, but we never got to ‘love’ with those. What did push that button were our puppet characters. We use them as a mechanism for attention, because they are abstract (which allows them to exist in a world without rules and we can do things to them that are  illegal to do on humans), and they can be the vehicles for showing behaviour and illustrating policy issues without associated guilt or shame. Here’s the question we ask around if Puppets are effective as a vehicle for awareness and change: What do you think is more effective for behavior change- a long email on the company backup policy, or a quick funny video showing a puppet dropping a laptop and suffering the consequences in a humorous way? Yup, we did too.

Can you use Humour to Learn?

First, who doesn’t need a good laugh at work? And second, how’s all that fear-driven, governance0heavy, and “no”-based communications working out for Cyber Security teams so far? Exactly! We noticed a lot of the messaging around safety in general is changing- for instance the pre flight safety videos on airplanes. A few intrepid brands have put out some seriously funny videos and the result is that passengers are watching for a change! We were also inspired by the Melbourne Rail Safety campaign, Dumb Ways to Die. It’s pretty far out there, but it went viral, saved lives, and won awards for it’s fresh approach to communicating safety messages. We know that humour, used in the right way at the right time, is a great way to get employee attention and interest. Right now, those are the keys to the kingdom for learning. We’ve backed up our funny video content with serious cyber and L&D competency models, learning objectives, self assessments and quizzes- it’s not just fuzz and fur around here.

Why Subscription?

Why not just buy videos off the shelf? Well, we know security awareness is all about culture. And one video does not a culture make. Our approach is built around two key concepts- One is your companies ability to adapt to a rapidly changing threat landscape, and two the human element- both the psychology and culture that hackers exploit as well as the behaviour changes you need to see at your organisation. Having new, fresh, and engaging content, all the time, is the best way to build a continual stream of cyber awareness. Learning about these critical topics shouldn’t be a once and done thing; it needs to be reinforced, through courses and touchpoints, in order to be effective in moving the needle on key security baselines. Additionally, in the new economy, with high employee turnover or use of contractors (the ‘gig’ economy) it’s important to balance a steady course of the basics to get everyone on the same page, quickly.

E Learning?

Well, kind of. We’re building an experience that does use an LMS backend to give the structure and analytics needed to show learner progress, knowledge acquisition and as a platform. But the one thing our solution is lacking are those really dull e-learning ‘modules’. You know, those narrated slide decks that most users do not like very much to have to take. Sure, they scale and are dead cheap to roll out, but at the end of the day- they aren’t effective in driving awareness or culture, at depth and at scale. They certainly aren’t funny. We think this part of engagement and L&D is not fit for the times, and so we invested all of our energy into creating content and learning strategies (such as micro content, learner autonomy, video-driven) that are forward looking, not rearview mirror. Our security culture building tools, and cultural assessments can help keep the CISO and Infosec staff aware of thier own digital culture. At Cybermaniacs, and as agile practitioners and evangelists, we want to help you build a learning organisation, not just throw some slide decks at ya.


Absolutely. Badges, contests, points, all baked in. Our gamification goes further than most; badges are nice, but swag and real prizes are better. Connect to our storefront and either use our swag or for enterprise clients, insert your own. The social aspect of gameification is also on our platform to maximise cultural change. Functionality such as leaderboards, knowledge champions, rating and social? Just plug in and go.

Phishing Tests?

Coming Q3 2019! We know this is an integral part of the circle of learning, so we have this is in our prodcut development queue, beta to launch Q2 2019, will automatically be rolled out to all customers as standard. No add on fees here.

What else can you do?

We’re glad you asked! We can help launch a new cyber security awareness campaign at your company, help you design or just take part in a cybersecurity awareness month program. We’ve been known to pop up at cyber security events and conferences, helping to warm up the crowd and get people engaged. We can create custom videos with your cyber security team or even business executives, bringing something different, remarkable, and attention getting into your company’s current communications portfolio. Have an idea? Give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you.