Enterprise Learning Experience    

A Platform and Program to Meet Enterprise Challenges

With the ability to cover multiple audiences and groups with varied learning paths, white and grey label opportunities, governance and compliance settings and comprehensive reporting, our Enterprise Learning Experience delivers a new wave of cyber learning to midsize and large corporations.

2FA and Downloading Applications Securely

Configure courses and learning paths to meet your audience needs.

Sticky, pop-culture savvy, and snappy learning content.

Integrate to deliver seamless experience to your users.

Modern, fresh, and impactful metrics that delve into layers of safety culture, knowledge acquisition, cyber behvaiors and more.


One-sized training fits no one. 

Learning and digital skill development delivered in a range of content styles and digital approaches to meet the learning needs of a variety of audience preferences.

Our unique blend of structured and autonomous learning paths makes for an infinite number of learning opportunities. We take your employees on a self-led journey of cyber knowledge acquisition and behavior change.

Administrative features & reporting. 

Metrics in security awareness have been limited in the past. We’re looking at new ways to deliver insight to information security teams that will enable them to adapt awareness programs, strengthen defensive positions, and reduce insider threats. From our views on building security culture to understanding and working with your Digital Tribes, there’s no other awareness company out there who digs into your people and who they are, what they know, what they do, and what they care about more than us.

Integrate, Extend, Customize

Run your program seamlessly with your corporate ecosystem with our highly flexible, configurable, scalable platform. Built on modern foundations, our goal was to reduce complexity, make data and information flows easy and secure, and to give each Enterprise customer the ability to create a security awareness program that fits their unique culture and maturity needs.

Please get in touch to see our full list of integration, API, and plugin capabilities. 

Integrations for Cyber Awareness

What our customers say: 


Satisfaction Rate

In a post delivery satisfaction survey at a large healthcare client, 97% of participants ‘enjoyed the learning experience’ with the Cybermaniacs and ‘would like to see more of this approach to cyber awareness’. We’re not sure who the other 3% are. According to our client, ‘we’d be happy to send them a copy of the NIST guidelines if we find out.”

Out of 5

Cybermaniacs average score for likert scale ratings of LIKE to LOVE levels of satisfaction on our courses.

Yes, this is cyber security training. 

“We chose Cybermaniacs because we are a growing company and we have had a few days down in the past year due to security issues and threats. It was time to get serious and arm our end users with the information that will help us protect our company. The content is funny and sticky, and the learning is really pragmatic. We also liked the personal touches in the training… we see how it will help keep them safe at home too, especially because many of our team is mobile. We see this as a necessary investment to help mitigate further business / security risks and to educate our team on critical awareness.”

Joe L.

Head of Operations , Midsize Cleaning Company, Austin TX