(@Nd 1t’5 FuN Too!)

Give your team the know how

Cyber threat is now a significant concern for SME’s, and your employees are a critical part of protecting your company. Do the right thing for them and for your company by giving employees tools and knowledge around awareness. By learning the digital skills to keep themselves safe, they will in turn keep your organisation safe. We arm your team with skills and knowledge, so they are empowered to act in the face of cyber challenges.

Get compliant with critical legislation

Your information and data risk concerns are covered, helping you to ensure all your team are protecting customer data, handling information correctly. These are massive issues in the EU and the US is close behind, with legislation being drafted around the same data rules.

Unique SME toolkits and guides

We’re an SME too, and a little secret is that running a small and medium sized family business is in our blood. Why shouldn’t you have the same protection and access to critical information and insight as the big guys? We’ve included SME specific content, like checklists and how-to-guides to help ensure basic security practices are in place at your company. Fortune 500 companies have entire teams dedicated to cyber, but they still come to us for content and culture. What’s the difference? Nothing. You’ll have access to all the same resources, security baselines, assessment tools they use us for. Here’s one for the underdogs.    

Priced for SME budgets

Our pricing model means you an all you can eat buffet of content, same as the big guys, at a cost of entry that is easy for SME’s to OK. You’ve got enough hard decisions to make running and growing a business, we feel securing your team shouldn’t be one of them.


• Using Humour to create behavioral change isn't new. We've studied the best programs, read the research, consulted the experts in creating our program. Want to know what we learned? Cyber Security Awareness for Small and Medium Sized Business needs to have your needs and challenges in mind. Here's a great source of knowledge about using humour for learning and engagment, in the workplace, to move your baselines in things even as serious as risk, cyber, and saftey.