WhEn M0rE Of +hE S@mE iS ThE R!sK.
Designed for high engagement
Our platform, content, and experience is all designed around building a security minded culture. Once a year and tick-box training modules aren’t meeting the needs of CISO’s and Information Security Professionals in building thier human firewall. Our cyber security awareness videos and learning content is catchy and creative, to grab your team’s attenion. Puppet and Human based videos use humor instead of fear to illustrate and demonstrate good cyber behaviours. Proven methods for behvaioural change are embedded, including gamification, autonomy, and learner-centric influence strategy.
Constant evolution of content
For a rapidly evolving threat landscape, why use stale, old training content built years ago? Our micro-content strategy is continually reviewed and refreshed, so like your favourite grocer, we promise our produce (videos, guides, graphics, and tools) will always be fresh. Our research team monitors the threats, attacks, cons, and changing risks your organisation may face, and we respond to and create content ad hoc around emergent threats to ensure your team is in the know.
Build a cyber aware culture
Want to build a cyber aware culture? Think of us as cyber culture and risk communication delivery awesomeness as a service- our self assessments which are layered throughout the courses help you understand your current and actual security culture orientation- providing key measures for an often murky area.
Measure & Improve Security Baselines
We believe in measurement, data, and improvement. Assessments and platform usage data provide key intelligence to enhance your security baselines for cyber behaviors, knowledge, and culture. This goes beyond the standard ‘did they take the course’ measures. We feel by deeply understanding the unique challenges and weaknesses of your current workforce, CISO’s can be more agile in the development of cyber and risk strategy.


• Using Humour to create behavioral change isn't new. We've studied the best programs, read the research, consulted the experts in creating our program. Want to know what we learned? Cyber Security Awareness for Small and Medium Sized Business needs to have your needs and challenges in mind. Here's a great source of knowledge about using humour for learning and engagment, in the workplace, to move your baselines in things even as serious as risk, cyber, and saftey.