BeC@uSe It’S N0t Ser!oUs.

Proven communication methodology

As you know, cyber security consists of a range of very serious and highly complicated topics. Finding methods to make learnings stick in a diverse workforce is the challenge. Our innovative approach is based on proven methods for engagement, attention, understanding, and behavioural change. When was the last time your employees looked forward to taking cybersecurity training? Our fuzzy characters are humorous only because research has proven laughter is effective as a learning mechanism. So don’t let the fur fool you. Under the hood, we take cyber and learning very seriously.

Reports & metrics

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so how do you measure your culture of security now? We believe a data driven approach, even to things as unfocused as human behavioural change and culture is key. Our security baseline assessments shows you aspects of your current security culture, attitudes and behaviours, as well as the real time security knowledge of your whole organisation, and how they can improve over time.

360º Approach 

Your ongoing subscription is for the most recent, relevant, and engaging learning content that holistically supports all cyber and risk topics. Think of it like an all you can eat buffet of cyber threat, information and data protection, physical security, and more. We continually refresh to ensure alignment to current threats, and have packed our approach full of the nudges and reminders that support continual security behaviour change within your whole organisation.

Designed to engage key stakeholders

Making cyber security relevant at your organisation is often a key challenge for CISO’s and CIO’s alike. We’ve got an extra trick up our sleeve in our non-fuzzy business executive focused content. Whiteboard videos, blogs, and strategically aligned infographics will educate your senior level stakeholders on the importance of security at your organisation, helping you engage, align, and inform your business of the content of IT and cyber today.


• Using Humour to create behavioral change isn't new. We've studied the best programs, read the research, consulted the experts in creating our program. Want to know what we learned? Cyber Security Awareness for Small and Medium Sized Business needs to have your needs and challenges in mind. Here's a great source of knowledge about using humour for learning and engagment, in the workplace, to move your baselines in things even as serious as risk, cyber, and saftey.