Understand your workforce to raise the bar on cyber security.

How can you build a security program without knowing who you are building it for? What level of digital safety skills does your team really have? And with the changes in workforce dynamics underway (contractors, high turnover, role shifts), how do you keep on top of it all the time?

When we set out on our journey to create cyber secure humans for a more effective program of change, the metrics and insight available on the market were clearly underwhelming. Here’s how we are looking at things differently to help organisations of all sizes understand cyber competency, saftey culture, and their unique digital tribes. 

5 Pillars of Cyber Secure Humans

Quick Start: 25 Questions & 2 Weeks

Start with the Baseline Assessment to understand your organization’s true defence capabilities, current security competencies, and what makes the people in your company want to change. Benchmarked against a range of public and academic research for stratgic perspective. Executive report and reccomended actions to put your team on the path to success.  

Deeper Dives for Strategic Insight

Look more closely at specific groups, such as high risk roles or business functions in order to lazer target learning, understand motivations for change and areas of policy non adherence and outright resistance. 

Why Culture? I thought we were talking about cyber security? 

We hear a lot about culture. Corporate culture. How haing a great culture is key to business success. That culture eats strategy for breakfast. It’s true. 

But what we don’t hear alot about is culture in the context of cyber security. When 80% of breaches have a human cause, when cybercriminals are targeting your humanware more than your hardware, and when over 53% of SMB’s report having been attacked in the past 12 months…. Culture is as important to security as it is to the traditional view of it for leadership and organisational success.


For us, creating a security minded culture means more than just developing ‘awareness’. We want to develop skills and knowledge, beliefs and perceptions, values and vision- in the objective of creating cyber security actions. Changing cyber security behaviors and habits. We work with your company values to embed, attach, align, and develop those behaviours, signs, symbols, stories. In our learning experiences we hold up what is important, and use the very human drivers of values, wants, needs, desires, emotions and instincts to acheive organizational change goals. 


of InfoSec professionals think establishing a stronger culture would increase their organization's profitability or viability.


of employees say there is a gap between their company's desired and actual cyber security culture.

Better Security Culture

With an innovative approach and the application of both conventional and newer metrics, our Human Baseline Assessment drives a deeper understanding of the human behavioral and organizational cultural factors that directly affect your overall risk profile. More than that, it helps create a roadmap for change and a way to benchmark progress. Use our assessment to segment, measure, analyze, and align the myriad human risk factors at your organization. Use our actionable insight to become more effective in protecting your company from cybercrime, insider threat, and just well, plain old human error, through the five pillars and our digital tribes model. 

Often used by CISOs, CIO’s, Information Security teams and HR as a sanity check, litmus test, knowledge baseline, trampoline for change, supporting evidence for starting a cyber awareness program, or to secure additional budget through quantification and qualification of cyber risk. Contact us for more information and examples on how measuring your culture and people can reap immediate rewards for security, risk, and cyber awareness objectives.

Curious about culture?

We’d be happy to share how measuring and building culture can be easier than you think. From case studies, to benchmarked data, our team of anthopologists, creative designers, cyber experts, and more have stories to tell about using culture as a driver for change and a bedrock of security success. 

cyber culture ethos

Our Ethos

We think differently about Cyber Security Awarness. Here’s a bit more on the whys and hows of Cybermaniacs. 

Cultivate Cyber Security Culture

How to Cultivate Security Culture

Effective cyber security isn’t only about behaviour in the office.  What your staff do at home and online in their personal time, dramatically impacts the susceptibility of your organisation.

Human Firewall

The Human Firewall

While it’s external threats – malware, ransomware and so on – that get the headlines, the biggest risk comes from inside the company. Your human firewall.