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Celebrate National Cyber Security Month this October with the Cybermaniacs!


Custom Videos

On-Site Events

Running a cyber awareness program this October?
Raise the bar by adding a bit of felty fun in order to have important messages about phishing, passwords, malware, social engineering come across in a positive, energetic way.
Cybermaniacs has 4 special offers for 2019’s Cyber Awareness month.
Customised Felt
Our production crew can help you create a range of custom videos for your company, including coming to your office and filming our antics in situ. We’ve faked red teaming, interviewed CISO’s, CEO’s and infomation security teams, all in the name of cyber security awareness. Want to present your team and work in an engaging format and a way that makes cyber feel ‘accessible’? We can help you create content that rocks.


Fuzzy Events
Having an event to build awareness at your office? We travel! The in-person puppet experience is not to be missed- employees love to engage with our fuzzy friends, take selfies, and listen to us talk about good cyber habits. What’s better than someone at your office telling everyone on the second floor “Come downstairs, you have to see this. There are puppets in the lunchroom!” It’s the kind of cyber incident you actually want to have.
Small to Medium Sized Business Packages
Our short and sharp packages of videos can be just the thing to release once a week with your key messages. Give us a shout and we can help you select the right ones to match the messages you are prioritising this year.
& Free Stuff
Sign up below to get access to free cyber security awareness resources. We’ve put together some of our greatest hits, a trove of memes, jokes, posters, banners, and downloadables all for October’s National Cyber Awareness month. Because, we’re givers like that.

Best. October. Ever.

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