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What if ‘training’ is the wrong thing? What if knowledge alone isn’t the target?

You could deliver standard e-learning courses of animation or narrated slide decks that sit on a LMS somewhere, getting old and dusty, and you could tick the box for ‘cyber awareness training’.

But the truth about the outcomes of these 10+ year old approaches? They are not working. (Google list of hacked companies & figure at least 50% are doing ‘training’).  The business landscape is changing, the technology landscape and cyber threat is exploding, the ways in which we work and the type of work we do… who woks with us and where…. Why throw old solutions at a new problem?


So where to start? Well, busy employees are not only the biggest and easiest target for cybercriminals, they are also the hardest asset in your organisation to secure. But as 80%+ of breaches have a human cause, they are a critical element to organisational success or failure in terms of risk.

Our perspective on this seemingly gordian knot is framed by new thinking, innovative approaches, unique style, creative flair, and a deep desire to enact change. We are driven to help people to enact positive security changes, become more cyber safe, and embrace responsibility around personal and corporate cyber security.

We guarantee a slide deck of training won’t acheive that. So here’s what we came up with.

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Have your employees embark on a journey of learning and exploration that results in real behavior and culture change.

Delivered in bite size micro learning, our cloud based platform delivers a unique mix of content, learning approaches, and infotainment that engages, entertains, and enables people of every skill level to take charge of thier digital future.

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A plug and play solution for small to midsize organisations who want a pre-set learning path and the basic controls to achieve the first stages of cyber awareness, cybersafe culture, and digital skills learning. 


For midsize companies to global entities, our platform can expand, scale, integrate, and deliver modern cyber awareness learning to mutiple audiences, functions, roles, and groups of learners as needed. 

Cyber Awareness Learning Path

Comprehensive Human-Centric Curriculum

Cyber security can be daunting and even scary topic for non-technical folks to learn about. As consumers and in our daily work, much of the workforce has gained digital skills in order to keep up wth daily life. But the nuts and bolts of using that technology securely is often a long list of no’s & don’ts, cloaked in threats of repercussions and blame- most of the time your employees are just trying to get thier work done. 

So we started from thier perspective and built outwards, instead of thinking that learning had to be along technical or threat vector lines. We started with the most important lynchpin to human conceptual thinking and behvaiour change- WIFM. We started with heart, and curiosity, and humour, with culture and value aligment and all that good stuff instead of fear. 

Delivered with Structure & Autonomy 

How do you like to find out new things? If you were going to learn about cooking or woodworking, for example? Maybe you would take a quick course or watch a few instructional videos, then maybe you’d browse around a bit, read a blog or two, check out some interviews or podcasts? As the workforce becomes more digtitally savvy as content consumers, so we mimic the consumer and digitally creative style. With structured learning to support audit and governance requirements, and autonomous learning that creates a self-led authentic journey of behavioural change- our unique blend of approaches, content, style, and substance is a new way to approach learning in work, at work, for work. 

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For more information on our approach and how we do the voodoo we do, please get in touch. We’d be happy to show you how the magic happens.