(N0w w@sh UR h@nd5)

Waaait a second. What does cyber security have to do with caring for my patients? 

Few industries can claim a mission more critical, data more sensitive, or operations more complex than healthcare. Unfortunately, all this new tech means most in healthcare are finding it more challenging to keep it all protected.

Today’s cyber attacks target people. 

Cybercriminals and malicious hackers exploit the human factor across all businesses today. Servers are a hard target compared to humans & healthcare workers’ natural curiosity, acute time constraints and desire to serve makes a cultural strength a cyber security weakness. Protecting against these threats requires a new, people-centered approach to security.

Cyber Awareness For Healthcare SME's Whitepaper

Why does healthcare need great cyber security today? What are the risks and challenges, and how specifically, as a small or midsize business can you create a safer, healthier company? 

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Did you know that healthcare data breaches will cost the sector $4 billion this year, with black hat hackers “outpacing the security technology and processes of provider organisations.” (Black Book Market Research).

The average cost of a data breach in healthcare is also still on the rise, in 2019 we are not up to a whopping $3.92 million. 

Your employees, your teams, coworkers and friends at the office are on The front line against cybercrime. 

And before you ask, yes, we can even help your doctors learn something new. (Joking, Not joking.)

Why? Our continual learning experience is easy, even for the busiest front line employees.

  • Videos and micro learning gets everyone at your company engaged and adapting to cyber safe habits.
  • Just like good hand washing hygine protocols, we focus on the everyday personal skills employees need.
  • What helps drive home that change is our personal focus. I guess you could call it our bedside manner!

You wouldn’t let them use an MRI machine without knowing how to do so safely. Why is a laptop or a cellphone or your accounting system in the cloud any different??

We make cyber learning fun (& effective!)

Cyber Awareness Learning Experience

This is not your mom’s e-learning. A continual program of bite sized learning content plus tools, guides, how-tos, and more. It’s not training, its a skill and culture building program of awesomness delivered on the cloud and simply priced for SME budgets.

Cybermaniacs Clubs

Fun fresh content to support a cyber awareness program or add the frosting and sprinkles so many training programs miss. Posters and Print, Digital Creative Content, and Fuzzy videos. Welcome to the club.

Cyber Trivia Challenges

Week long trivia challenges that get staff excited to learn! Do you know what kind of malware was delivered to the international space station? Can you determine the difference between a heavy metal band and a ransomware attack name?