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WE HELP companies both large and small to reduce risk and increase security by creating an engaged and CYBER Aware culture.

At Cybermaniacs, we’re acutely aware of the myriad issues you’re grappling with. And we’ve got your concerns covered. Click on the role below that’s most relevant to you for testimonials, white papers, videos and more.

For Chief Information Security Officers and Information Security Leaders, get your message both heard and embraced through a culture and people centric approach.

  • Refreshing and Fun Content, No FUD
  • Use to Augment your Cyber Security Awareness Program
  • Baseline and Measure your Organisational Security and Cyber Aware Culture
  • Built by Cyber and Human Experts who have been in your shoes.

Building a business isn’t just a job. It’s a passion. Sadly, SME’s are a target for cybercrime with devastating consequences. We think SME’s should have the same tools and protection as the big guys. Here’s one for the underdog.

  • Affordable learning solutions to help protect your staff.
  • Humourous approach builds employee engagement and contributes to a positive workplace culture.
  • Executive Whiteboard Video Series brings you and your management team executive insight to help you fully compete in the new digital ecosystem.
  • Tools and checklists for SME’s  help you answer the “I don’t know’s” and “How do I’s?”

Digital Transformation and the increasing pace of IT change is enough to keep up with. And then there is cyber.  Let us  help you get your whole company to adopt positive cyber and technology behaviours.

  • Build awareness in your organisation around the key threats in cyber, information management and security
  • Our unique assessments show your real knowledge and security behaviours baseline.
  • Not just phishing! Holistic coverage of cyber, information management, regulatory compliance, and more
  • Executive Whiteboards can deliver key messages to your business management teams on critical topics in cyber and risk, shoring up your transformation initiaves and portfolio of IT change.

Learning and Development are at the beginning of an exciting revolution! Digital platforms, mobile workforces, and the changing nature of work make for significant challenges in developing and delivering comprehensive programs that meet current and future
needs of the organisation.

  • Assessments and Quizzes build a real time picture of Awareness based on knowledge, behaviour and culture.
  • Competency models for cyber security awareness and key skill areas
  • Cloud based LMS back end to run your own campaigns, reports, or integrate as needed.
  • New, fresh approach to learning based on micro content, videos, and learner autonomy.