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Love our content? Don’t need a whole platform (yet)?  Now you can get your employees laughing and learning all year long with our engaging approach to cyber awareness by joining our clubs.

Designed to augment a currently running awareness program, CM Clubs give members access to a wide range of content and resources for internal training use. We’re experts at grabbing attention, getting employees to smile, and nudging towards a more cyber aware culture. Imagine- it’s like having an internal communications, graphics, comedy, and behavior change team working beside you. Shazam!


Posters & Print

Digital Club

Just the Fuzz

Posters and Print Club

  • Monthly or Quarterly Packages
  • Purchase per location/office. Perfect to scale from 1 floor to 300! 
  • Choose from Pre-Set Programs or align by Cyber Topic
    • Phishing
    • Malware
    • Personal Cyber Skills
    • CyberCrime
    • Social Engineering
    • & More
  • Choice of posters only OR mix of printed materials including tabletop triangles, door signs, coasters & more.
  • All CM Print carry our positive, sneaky, memorable messages of behvaiour and culture change. 

Digital Club

  • Access to our Digital Library 
  • Updated & increased monthly
  • Variety of digital asset types for use in a range of your corproate communications:
    • Infographics
    • Social Post Styles
    • Memes
    • Banner Style Graphics
    • Screensavers
    • & More
  • Content is designed for short use or ‘consumption’, ie to be placed in an email, newsletter, yammer or teams feed, etc. 
  • Digital Assets are based on cyber behaviours & cyber threats as well as Pop Culture, Holidays, Seasons, Events, News & more. 
  • All CM Digital Assets carry our positive, sneaky, memorable messages of behvaiour and culture change.

Just The Fuzz Club

  • Choose from 1 or 2 videos per month.
    • Pre-set programs or work with us to design a series that aligns to your awareness objectives for the year. 
    • Featuring our felty cast of characters! 
    • Skits, Songs, Stories & Newsdesk videos show a variety of scenarios and cover a range of behaviours/threats.
    • Popular Titles Include:
      • Songs: Shoulder Surfer, Forward & Delete, Lemme Call You Back, If you Put Your Data in the Cloud, Feelin’ Clicky, and the Phishing Doo Wop. 
      • Skits: The Doctor is In, Carrots Everwhere, Not So Secret Passwords, Oh Garcon, Game Show AttackerHacker and This is Not a Drill. 
      • Newsdesk: Monthy Updates to the latest Cyber News, Phishing, Malware, Malicious Links & More. 


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