When the phrase “attention seeker” is actually a good thing.

Great learning and change programs capture hearts as well as minds.

CM Clubs memberships is a great way to augment a currently running cyber awareness program.

  • Amplify your learning programs by using a range of assets in a multi-channel communications approach.
  • Strengthen culture with relevant and contextual content.
  • Reinforce behavioual approaches with engaging nudges. This is learning content to delight, engage, and win over your entire workforce to a more digitally minded way of working. 




Easy way to get huge Impact

We have a diverse team creating unique content in a continual stream of awesomeness. You get the glorious output of information security and cyber awareness specialists working in harmony with creatives, humorists, musicians, designers, marketing experts, cultural anthropologists, human behaviouralists, and more. This is top tier stuff.

Big on Attention Small on Investment

Running courses and modules, doing the audits, making sure the boxes are ticked- that’s now standard for any large enterprise (and we do that too, see our Learning Experience Platform). If you’re already running a in house or externally purchased product, and are looking for a bit of sizzle, this is the place.

Increase Compliance with A SMIle

Oohs and Ahs that are effective for change compliance. With a diverse set of creative styles, topics, themes and types (fuzzy or no!) you can be sure to get attention, drive learning, nudge with positivity, and keep cyber top of mind.

COVID 19 Work-from-Home FREE CONTENT

Our unique approach to creating cyber secure humans takes context, environment, culture, and psychology into account when creating any learning content. In this unprecedented global situation, we deeply felt the change from ‘business as usual’, and therefore even more important to be responsive and dynamic. Our ability to deliver impactful content in an agile manner is why large enterprises rely on us (almost as an extension of their team) to deliver. ‘Remote working guides’  written two years ago don’t capture this moment or what your employees need to stay cyber safe & feel connected. Get in touch to access our FREE COVID WFH resources.


Choose 1, 2 or all 3 clubs!

Posters & Print Club

Signs, posters, printed fun & more. Delivered quarterly to your door!

Digital Club

A trove of digital assets to use for internal awareness campaigns. 

Just The Fuzz Club

Videos of our loveable characters, including our pretty famous songs and sketches. 

Get in touch to learn more about CM Clubs.

7 + 1 =

Custom Fuzz & More

Dreams do come true. We can work with your team to create custom film packages that deliver a huge impact, onsite games and events, lobby takeovers and more. Your staff (and for the truly brave, your executives!) can star in the films and truly bring cyber messages to life!