The Cybermanics is proud to announce our new partnership with NTE the UK’s finest B2B online connectivity┬áproviders.

For 30 years, they have stoically been connecting UK business together while being at the forefront of the cyber revolution.

They know that companies face a considerable challenge to keep their data and systems secure as hackers and cybercriminals find new ways to get in every day.

Ramsomware for SME

SME’s often fall prey to ransomware.

But no matter how strong the defences are both agree that humans are the biggest weakness. 95% of cyber attacks happen as a direct result of an action taken by the weak-willed or under-informed individual.

And that is a problem as most organisations let us fallible humans loose within their secure networks. So if you can’t do away with people to run your company, what is the solution?

The answer is cybersecurity training for your team. But, just like this statement, cybersecurity training is a bit boring.

Unless it is designed by a team of comedians, behavioural experts and information security nerds, all pooling their talent to create engaging, funny, interactive, relatable and memorable lessons that are delivered by puppets. ( You might want to read that bit again ).

We are The Cybermanics, new partners of NTE, and we create cyber aware humans through humour.