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Our condolences to the training formerly known as Cyber Security Awareness. 


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CYBEr security awareness like you've never seen before 

Cybermaniacs create cyber-secure humans, one laugh at a time.

Our unique platform and approach help everyone at your company build the cyber habits and mindset needed to stay safe in an ever-changing risk landscape.



Fun For Your People

More carrots, fewer sticks. Cybermaniacs help information security teams along the entire lifecycle of ongoing human vulnerability management. Mitigate risk faster and better by delivering targeted learning and behavioral interventions in innovative, engaging ways.

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Easier For Security Teams

From soup to nuts, we make it easy to deliver content that makes learning stick. From our back catalog of Amaziwareness to our regular stream of a la minute content, this is information and advice employees welcome and value. (Hint: We make it all about them.) 

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From Who To What To How

Cybermaniacs are fuzzy on the outside & data-driven on the inside. Our unique measurement and competency framework considers human-cyber risk in a holistic way.  Our reporting helps CISOs and Information Security teams to understand the deep drivers of behavior and policy avoidance, then connect to positive interventions your employees actually welcome. 




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Employees Who Feel That Learning About Cyber Security Is Boring


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Still Pondering Your Cyber-Security Woes? Let's Convince You Just A Little More

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Dynamic Learning

Built to respond to an ever-changing cyber risk landscape and to tap into human behavioral science, our learning learns who your people are and adjusts approaches for better engagement. 

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Being human-centric is more than just behavior science or empathy.  It only takes one click to compromise a company, so every person's cyber posture matters. Resilience comes from your people.  

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Learn From Anywhere

All of our content services as well as our Cyber Learning Experience platform are designed to reach any employee, anywhere they may be. 

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Fuzzy But Secure

Don't let our fun exterior fool you, we take our job seriously. We consider educating and empowering people, creating happy cyber-secure humans the most important challenge today.  

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Spoiler alert: You won't be happy. You'll be thrilled you went with Cybermaniacs.

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Cyber Awareness With A Personality

Sure, we could tell you how fun we are and how much people do love us, but why don't we show you through the artistic power of... Puppet Videos! 👇


Add some Cyber Security Into Your Culture

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